Growing Popularity Of Board Portals: Choosing The Right Software

There is no excuse to not work entirely in digital way. With the board portal the directors must limit the risks of liability and the data leak. The consequence? Amore efficient and better administration.

Until 2010, many companies and small businesses were still working with a stationary computer or with a portable computer – and therefore with paper. When the introduction of mobile devices, the use of board portals has suddenly become very easy. Now, the user opens his gadget, clicks on the application and has an off-line access line to all his documents. Since then, there is no excuse for not working fully digital.

Board portals facilitate the work of its customers with all of their confidential communications in our environment. Therefore, they stop to send documents via email accounts because it is not secure – whether private or not – and to print documents. This change of behavior of the decision-makers is the basis of a successful and above all sustainable use of possibilities of board portal software.

Thanks to the rightly chosen board portal software administrators can make better decisions and offer them for this purpose a support at any time of the day. Working with this tool, their devices have the security and offer the opportunity to work from simple way in the secured environment. They have access to all active and passive information and can take notes, as with paper.

But more importantly, they can send in the app emails and messages, affix signatures and fill out questionnaires. This is all easier than everyone is used to known public messaging applications.

How to choose the best board portal software

Today’s businesses are continually confronted with change. There are always new competitors and new models economic appear every day. Companies are bought back or in buy others. Administrators so must be on the lookout and effective. It means that they must be informed in real time in the widest possible way possible but also that they need to be more that they should act before with greater flexibility. This their imposes to use their time at best.

The condition for this is that our software works so intuitively that it very natural for the user, who has to feel the software like an extension of itself. But also this software is always and everywhere accessible and supported.

Concerning the determinants, the board portal software does not use third-party software, which is not only reinforces security in relation to tools that use these third-party software, but that makes board portal service delivery independent of third parties. To start with the ease of use, but especially thanks to the high level of adoption, the return on investment for businesses is important. Many users are also aware that the tool can be used in other situations.

It is noted with increasing risks in cybersecurity issues, such as extortion software and e-mails phishing, for our users, mainly decision makers and controllers, the risk of damage to the reputation plays also a role more and more important. Half of the data leaks and business information comes from the organization itself. For example, someone picks the wrong recipient for an e-mail, or leave by accident hanging out printed documents, making information public sensitive. To this must be added the strengthening of the regulation aimed at preventing vulnerabilities in data. Companies want to put in even their directors and members of supervisory boards to respect the legal rules. For all these questions there’s a solution in board portals.

How to prepare the company for the transition to board portal software

While choosing the best board portal software for your company, do not forget that you will need a transition period before its integration.

They say board portals make life easier for administrators because they offer an easy-to-use interface, tools smart and communication services secure. However, before switching to board portal of your choice, you must take into account seven points.

1.       Lighten the paper load

The portal software board offers great benefits because of the important time it makes winning and the greatest efficiency in the preparation of council meetings of directors. The use of board portal software leads to improved workflow from those who are responsible for composition and correction of information that is broadcast prior to board meetings of directors.

2.       Effective meetings

Even the last moment downloads are simplified and the need to print and reprint volumes important issues disappears. As soon as the material has been published, the directors are informed and they can have access to information by clicking a button. If changes are made, the new versions can be uploaded to the portal and users are informed of the updated versions. As technology has evolved since the original model up to the portal software current board of directors, the advanced cooperation software offers a secure data environment in which the user retains control over of diffusion and access as of the conservation and suppression of documents, in accordance with the policy and prescriptions of the organization.

3.       Flexible archiving

After every meeting of the board of directors, all documents must be archived and kept safe to be able to be subsequently consulted. It takes some storage place and requires someone manages the documents. The use of a board portal software administration can correct the shortcomings of the old system. 

Administrative staff and administrators must have access to safe and simple way to all documents from their own archives digital. A search function advanced must allow searching and take a simple movement of years of history and documentation.

 In the future, decision makers will have a single large dashboard with all the data relevant for correct execution administration and monitoring. We developers work hard to achieve the future integration of this type of business applications in board portal software intelligence.

Choosing A Board Portal Software: Important Question To Answer

With the right features, a board of directors can improve its governance and efficiency while working in a secure environment. Due to the many suppliers among which you will have to choose, here are the most important questions to ask you during your search, classified into five main categories. In the same way, for the advice of private, open, nonprofit and governmental organizations, find an application that excel in each of the five categories will allow for better electronic security and advice more productive administration.

How to choose board portal

Obviously, security is rightly the # 1 concern for the boards of directors when it comes to adopting new technologies. The hackers are trying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to break electronic security barriers and access to the systems of an organization to spy on, steal or extort information. Often, hackers are able to do it without the company even knowing that it was infected. If you want a secure solution, you need security methodologies and an advanced encryption, not an umpteenth system file management. However, the most secure must also be the most practical, otherwise board members are likely to find a less secure alternative.

So while choosing a board portal, ask your potential supplier:

•         Has your business ever been hacked?

•         How did you alert users?

•         How often do you test for security and intrusion by third parties?

•         Which certifications granted by third parties do you own and for how long do you benefit?

•         How will you protect our information and all the notes we have on the app?

•         How does security differ when the application is online or offline?

Board portal for businesses

Consulting portal software of administration are the technology of boardroom the most popular for small and large companies. After a hesitant start at during which technology has for years been used on a small scale, the sector is growing strongly. The room of digital board is in becoming a reality.

What  are the main causes of this worldwide growth? The first board portals were essentially data storage devices that the organizations used to convey information to directors and members of supervisory boards. Since then, technology has evolved; today a cooperation software advanced based on a consulting portal provides a safe environment in data, the user retaining control of both the broadcast and access as conservation and destruction of documents, in compliance with the policy and regulations organisation.

Pluses of board portal software

The sustainable growth of the market for board portals is caused by different factors but it is possible to distinguish three factors of growth. Ease of use of this software makes one of the most important advantages.

The attraction of the software for board meetings reside in the ease and the environment without paper. Such a solution appears as particularly interesting for all people who have ever been faced with making corrections, the multiplicity of reprints and the dissemination of paper documents. Some companies use the portal software of  board of directors because this one gives access to documents when administrators are on the move.

But an effective platform is much more that an access door to copies transportable in electronic format: it opens new paths for communicating with your directors and organizes the value they bring to your organization. Software solutions mobiles also offer the possibility of hold council meetings remote administration. He is not anymore necessary for businesses that all administrators are physically in the same room to react on identical documents and to take thoughtful decisions – undisturbed through other online communications.

Council board portals help to rationalize meetings of the boards of directors, the information gathering and sharing of documents between members of board of directors. Organizations find that the release of time for the Directors and the secretary of the company made possible by the passage to a more efficient system of collaboration and content delivery brings from great benefits.

Companies which make the work of their directors more efficient, more efficient and more intuitive. At when the participants get together for a council meeting of directors, they must have had the ability to read all documents by via a secure portal. So, board portals facilitate a better decision-making process and faster within companies. The possibility to meet in a virtual way also helps attract talent administrator from all over the world.

Integration Of A Board Portal For Making Business Processes Safe

When every board members meeting becomes long and difficult because of the amount of papers they have to look through, and the decisions to be made are constantly postponed – probably it’s time to think about integrating a board portal. A board portal having the right features, a board portal will improve the governance and efficiency while working in a secure environment.

What is a board portal

A board portal is the essential tool that will facilitate your life and business processes. A board portal having the right features, a board portal will improve the governance and efficiency while working in a secure environment. A board portal is a safe and effective tool that allows members of the Board of Directors, the management, the company secretaries and other professionals to share information and work together.

It provides for better electronic security and advice for more productive administration of your business. The board portal accompanies the project leaders of consulting services in the decision-making on complex and strategic purchases and procedures. The board portal provides an important community of leaders who wish to search easily and quickly consultancy relevant to their business challenges.

Why to use board portal

Hacker attacks become more and more common, harassing the business worldwide. Hackers can enter through an account private email. One of the main vulnerabilities of supervisory tips is the account personal email of their members. The spear phishing allow hackers to access summit of the organization through applications:

1.       Many people use email accounts as archives personal documents sent as an attachment.

Such practice is still popular after several years previously resurfaced thanks to very practical search functions. For practical reasons, a lot of people do not delete their emails. But the modern communication applications archive success to all messages and all the photos you send. Every time that such a messaging platform is attacked, users run the risk to see their messages flee, all their messages. The risk that data arise from the past is therefore becoming most important.

2.       Other danger for the board members to see their private and important information flee is through the intermediary of smartphones and tablets.

The point of entry for cybercriminals is often the mobile phone. The data obtained through the phone portable can also be used for connect to other devices. It is so much more serious than just leaks data from emails. The hackers can then use these applications to listen to the user or follow his movements.

Therefore, it is recommended during board meetings to limit the use of online devices. Due to the growing dependence of daily practice of dealing with smartphones, the risk is growing more real than a hacker uses such a device in the meeting room.

So the very first and important advantage of board portal software is safety, and the other is cost savings.

Online and offline security of a board portal

The supplier of a board portal software is demonstrating methodological rigor to implement systems security information based on the management of a multitude of risks, from firewalls and antivirus to legal protection and physical security.

Protection of customer information: customer data must be encrypted when stored, being transferred and on users’ devices. A supplier must ensure that the handling and storage of the key encryption is ensured by rigorous key management using hardware security modules. Each customer must have a unique set of keys protecting their data.

Online or offline security: when offline, some apps allow users to access only to PDF files, which can more easily be compromised, or even, in some cases, totally removed from the application, leaving the security of these random documents. Your advice books must stay all made secure, whether access to the application is online or offline.

Cost effectiveness of a board portal software

A board portal is an effective tool that allows members of the board and top management of the company to share information and work together. It goes of course that the deletion of documents paper board leads cost reduction, not just the costs of the paper itself but also the printing, binding and distribution of documents. With a board portal, the boards of directors can put online reports and minutes of meetings.

Costs port and copy disappear, just like the loss of time related to logistics. Archiving costs decrease because it is possible to do research in the portal. Board portals of directors help to rationalize meetings of the boards of directors, the information gathering and sharing of documents between board members. Organizations find that the release of time for the directors and the secretary of the company made possible by the passage to a more efficient system of collaboration and content delivery brings from great benefits.