Integration Of A Board Portal For Making Business Processes Safe

When every board members meeting becomes long and difficult because of the amount of papers they have to look through, and the decisions to be made are constantly postponed – probably it’s time to think about integrating a board portal. A board portal having the right features, a board portal will improve the governance and efficiency while working in a secure environment.

What is a board portal

A board portal is the essential tool that will facilitate your life and business processes. A board portal having the right features, a board portal will improve the governance and efficiency while working in a secure environment. A board portal is a safe and effective tool that allows members of the Board of Directors, the management, the company secretaries and other professionals to share information and work together.

It provides for better electronic security and advice for more productive administration of your business. The board portal accompanies the project leaders of consulting services in the decision-making on complex and strategic purchases and procedures. The board portal provides an important community of leaders who wish to search easily and quickly consultancy relevant to their business challenges.

Why to use board portal

Hacker attacks become more and more common, harassing the business worldwide. Hackers can enter through an account private email. One of the main vulnerabilities of supervisory tips is the account personal email of their members. The spear phishing allow hackers to access summit of the organization through applications:

1.       Many people use email accounts as archives personal documents sent as an attachment.

Such practice is still popular after several years previously resurfaced thanks to very practical search functions. For practical reasons, a lot of people do not delete their emails. But the modern communication applications archive success to all messages and all the photos you send. Every time that such a messaging platform is attacked, users run the risk to see their messages flee, all their messages. The risk that data arise from the past is therefore becoming most important.

2.       Other danger for the board members to see their private and important information flee is through the intermediary of smartphones and tablets.

The point of entry for cybercriminals is often the mobile phone. The data obtained through the phone portable can also be used for connect to other devices. It is so much more serious than just leaks data from emails. The hackers can then use these applications to listen to the user or follow his movements.

Therefore, it is recommended during board meetings to limit the use of online devices. Due to the growing dependence of daily practice of dealing with smartphones, the risk is growing more real than a hacker uses such a device in the meeting room.

So the very first and important advantage of board portal software is safety, and the other is cost savings.

Online and offline security of a board portal

The supplier of a board portal software is demonstrating methodological rigor to implement systems security information based on the management of a multitude of risks, from firewalls and antivirus to legal protection and physical security.

Protection of customer information: customer data must be encrypted when stored, being transferred and on users’ devices. A supplier must ensure that the handling and storage of the key encryption is ensured by rigorous key management using hardware security modules. Each customer must have a unique set of keys protecting their data.

Online or offline security: when offline, some apps allow users to access only to PDF files, which can more easily be compromised, or even, in some cases, totally removed from the application, leaving the security of these random documents. Your advice books must stay all made secure, whether access to the application is online or offline.

Cost effectiveness of a board portal software

A board portal is an effective tool that allows members of the board and top management of the company to share information and work together. It goes of course that the deletion of documents paper board leads cost reduction, not just the costs of the paper itself but also the printing, binding and distribution of documents. With a board portal, the boards of directors can put online reports and minutes of meetings.

Costs port and copy disappear, just like the loss of time related to logistics. Archiving costs decrease because it is possible to do research in the portal. Board portals of directors help to rationalize meetings of the boards of directors, the information gathering and sharing of documents between board members. Organizations find that the release of time for the directors and the secretary of the company made possible by the passage to a more efficient system of collaboration and content delivery brings from great benefits.